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The following files are made available for use by members of our fellowship.
As per our 7th tradition, we ask that if you find these files of use, that you consider sending a donation to help us continue to carry the message:

The Journey Continues XIII Tapes
PO Box 52
Ebensburg, PA 15931

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The Journey Continues XIII - August 2009

01a - Who is an Addict - Rodney B. and Corey T.

01b - What is NA - Dave G. and Brad S.

02 - Opening Speaker - Ashley D.

03a - Why Are We Here - Jim T. and Silvio M.

03b - Sponsorship - Amanda H.,  PJ C., and Flaud C.

04b - Step 2- Open-mindedness Trad 2- Faith - Jamie D. and Sheryl L.

04c - Step 3- Willingness Trad 3- Desire - Kara and Lori.

05a - Step 4- Courage Trad 4- Antonymous - Stephanie M. and Phil G.

05b - Step 5- Freedom Trad 5- Responsibility - Luanne and Jerry S.

05c - Step 6- Surrender Trad 6- Integrity - Bill B. and Edgar D.

06a - Step 7- Humanity Trad 7- Gratitude - Dan P.

06b - Youth   Recovery - Aleisha A. and Ryan E.

07 - Step 8- Forgiveness Trad 8-Pride - Tommy and Nate

08a - Step 9- Selflessness Trad 9- Service - Jake and Kyle S.

08b - If The Drugs Don't Get You The Lifestyle Will - Rhonda and Kenny M.

09 - Main Speaker - Lindsay H.

10a - When Pleasure turns to Pain - Shawn C. and Ron

10b - Step 10- Self Honesty Trad10- Anonymity - Rafiq and Fred

11a - Recovery And Relapse - Jason C. and Collette

11b - Triangle And Symbol - Reggie H. and John Mc.

11c - Step 11- Power Trad 11- Attraction - Veronica and Doug  B.

12 - Just for Today - Stephen J. and Chuck C.

13 - Each One Reach One - George F. and Donald W.

14 - Spiritual Speaker - Ron L.

Speaker Jam - November 2009

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Many web sites have been created about the nature of addiction.
This web site primarily concerns itself with the nature of recovery.
If you are an addict, please give yourself a break and browse it.

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